Monday, January 16, 2012

Ma Action Collectibles~

Yeeeep, as you can see... Is my NEW action figures! 86Hero Hybrid Metal Figuration. I'm dayuuum LIKE this! Is awesome! 1 of my favourite hero! BATMAN! I love to watch batman movies, fighting crimes by using all those cool gadgets! And also he is in BLACK! The costumes was kinda cool compare to superman.... Go watch Superman the latest movie, and the Batman movies. Recently they call it as The Dark Knight. And then compare it the design of the costumes. Except superman have super strong and can fly... xD

Anyways, back to ma batman~ Well it kinda COOOL when i get it on my hands! It really heavy, as you can see the name, "Metal". Inside include a few hands that can change, batarang, and the batman spotlight. You can bend whatever poses you want, cause the hand n leg can bend any angles. And the head as usual, can look up, down, right & left. Well, overall is kinda awesome! 10/10! Hope they will came out Iron-Man in this cute form. xD

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Can't control...

Did you met this kind of situation before in the public? Your stomach suddenly like got something punching it super hard.... Then you will feel like fart... And really can't stop it, must release it out (in the public) xD

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Action Figuresss

Nobita with cowboy gun
Nobita & Doraemon
Doraemon taking out the magic door
Doraemon original form
The Judge

This month i was super obsessed with all the toy figures. Don't ask why... Is like smoking/ drug. After i bought 1 of the toy, then i was like.... keep looking at all the toys on the web. And really their products really nice+detail. Example like the bandai, play art kai, revoltech, etc. Now i was like keep stalking those toys on website... xD

Then i grab all the toys for photo-shooting non-stop~ xD

Friday, July 22, 2011

Some $%^@#$ DUDE!

Got 1 guy/fella/DUDE that really makes me angry+piss=wanna whack him! Seriously, He really got the attitude problem...donno how to describe it here. But It will really make ppl wanna whack him. Anyway, im not gonna talk much about this DUDE.... Later i transform into a Angry Animal...

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I gonna be bald due to the workload in this few weeks.... Why? After next week is May already, and we gonna go for internship. BUT, for now all my work not even FINISH(not even single ONE)! And for the resume, n portfolio i don even started n think about it.... Well....i choose to become a desinger, so i can't blame anyone. Sooner or later, i will be bald like a monk. *So i can save my money for the shampoo* XD

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute+Cute= Damn Cute!

Last friday, i went to KLCC park with all my best friends after the War of the Assignment~We went there for a peacefully walk n break~ Then i saw some cute little fella playing around, So i use my ultimate soooper dooooper speed, as speed as i can to take out my Camera. Then "ka chak"! This is how the cuuuute little fella looks like~

Actually is roaring...xD

Yeee haaa!!!

awww....Bitting finger~
Oh papa/mama/grandpa/grandma! Loook at this cute liitle angel! sooo damn freaking cuuute!
I reallllly like this!!!




Omg...who is this... A cute little Giant fella ridding a panda...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Eeeeh What's UP DOC!?

Wishing U all Happy Chinese New Year! n HUAT ARRH!!!
May the Rabbit year brings U prosperous!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Random Pooost~ For Fuun

When i free, i will go n open my picture folder n have a loook~ After that, i found this photo that i took with my Boooo last time at 1U... While we having our lunch together~ XD Then i found out some of her reaction was sooo cuuuuute~ XP

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Paper Mache~

1st step: Making the shape of the body
2nd step: Wrap+Stick it with the white A4 paper
3rd step: Stick the 4 legs (masking tape)
5th step: Paint with acrylic ( n stick the 2 ears)
6th step: Stick the cotton wool (PVA Glue+Flour+water)
Taa daaaa... >__<''

Material : Newspaper, Cotton Wool, White A4 paper, Acrylic, Masking tape, Small keychain jingle-bell, PVA Glue+Flour+Water

Paper Mache...Sheep... >__<'' It didn't look like a sheep... i know... It looks like a lama... XP

.... ^^ ....

Friday, August 27, 2010


ZOMBIE! I look like a zombie cause of the assignment! When the assessment week started... We all RUSH for the assignment/project! We rush = not enough sleep... Everyday slept 2 or 3 hours only... Sometimes i fall asleep, then 2nd day OMG already... Cause haven't finish. After a week, i look like a ZOMBIE + PANDA....

After finish our assignment - present, hand in our work - then HOLIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course wait for our result...

1 month Sem Break! 1 month!

Saturday, May 22, 2010


After a stressing week... Now we finally can have a break! Sem Break! YES! YEAH! But..............

Although is a break, but still need to WORK!!! We still need to rush some of our assignment in holiday.... Cause our work will take a long time to finish it.... Arrghhh!!! Especially the digital image!

The Day before EXAM

Hippo(Melissa)- Our tutor
Giraffe(Alice)- Assistant
Monkey(Nicklas)- Student
Panda(Me?)- Student

The day before our exam, thanks to our tutor, Hippo n Giraffe. Cause they giving us a *free* tuition class in library. Help me and Nicklas to understanding about the Malaysian Studies. Many thanks for your explanation!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Finally.... I'm in MAJOR!!! Not in foundation anymore. The 1st few week of class we don't really have any assignment except Digital Image class.... Drawing portrait AGAIN!!!! But this time, we using Wacom Tablet(FXXKing HARD) to draw by using Photoshop. And in this SEM, we gonna learn alot of new software. Example like AE CS4, Flash CS4 n some basic action script from Flash. For the 1st week, we all laugh at Graphic Design's student cause they all got assignment. But we DON'T HAVE! LoL!
So, for the multimedia design... Our work almost all done in computer. Is not that EASY.... Cause 1 assignment need a week or few days to finish it(or maybe i lazy)... and we also still new for using AE n Flash... So need TUTORIAL! 24 hours facing the monitor, Watch n Learn.... WORK!WORK!WORK! Can't laugh and ply anymore, but cry...

SAVE ur work every single minute... Or else REDO!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Ok... When i was in CNY holiday, i don't even touch my college assignment cause is CNY! Then after CNY holiday, we all back to college. Then, have to start to work already.... more assignment were coming from our lecturer. So, we DRAW~~~draw~~n draw~~~ After a week, our lecturer finally gave us FINAL assignment! So need to keep drawing from day to night, night until morning. Just DRAW DRAW DRAW! RUSHING! Cause is our final week for our sem!

Yah! Is holiday again!